In theory, visitation is easy in Arizona. Everyone makes a plan and sticks to it. However, even for parents who are able to agree amicably on an initial parenting time plan, situations change over time. Making visitation work requires that you work with your former spouse and around your child's school and extracurricular schedules, taking into account holidays and vacations as well. Sometimes the schedule that sounded good at first doesn't quite work out the way you'd hoped, or you or your former spouse change jobs or work schedules. While you can talk to a qualified Maricopa County child custody lawyer about making changes to your custody or visitation agreement, you also can make a few simple changes to how you organize visitation:
  • Keep a calendar. Mark both parents' visitation times clearly, using a different color or symbol for each of you.
  • Show up on time. If a parent is always late in dropping off the kids, it can aggravate the situation or cause confusion.
  • Make any changes in writing. You might consider communicating changes through e-mail and asking your spouse to confirm each change. Keep a file with this correspondence, and add each change to your calendar.

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