Some of the tensest moments in a divorce take place when it comes time to start dividing the property you’ve acquired over the course of the marriage. Heated arguments about who gets the house or the television tend to erupt, and it can leave you feeling angry, confused, and just plan tired.

As a Scottsdale divorce lawyer, I’ve been through this step with a lot of clients. Although going through property division after a divorce in Arizona can be a difficult time, there are ways to work with each other to get a property division that works for both of you. I’ve seen couples approach this in several creative ways:

  • Take turns choosing items from a list of all property
  • Take turns choosing items up to a certain share of the total value of all property
  • Sell most of the community property and divide the money equally
  • Have one spouse divide the property into two equitable lists, and allow the other spouse to choose one of the lists

And these are only a few suggestions for how to think about equal and amicable property division. Depending on your situation and your relationship with your spouse, there may be a method that works better for you.

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