Even the best Phoenix divorce attorney can't help you with the non-legal aspects of a legal separation. Although you remain legally married, you and your spouse will experience many of the same emotional reactions and stresses that face divorcing couples. Concerns about your children, your living situation, and your property can cause tempers to flare. In our experience, we have seen legal separation cases go much more smoothly for those who were able to:
  • Stick to the terms of the separation agreement;
  • Control feelings of anger;
  • Communicate civilly;
  • Make children the priority.

What actions should I avoid?

If you're going through a legal separation, it can be very difficult to control your anger or stifle impulses. During the period you are legally separated from your spouse, try to avoid:
  • Engaging in physical intimacy with your spouse;
  • Starting a relationship with someone new;
  • Talking badly about your spouse, especially to your children;
  • Doing hurtful things to your spouse out of anger.

Legal separation gives you and your spouse time to reflect on the marriage and see what divorce might look like. Giving in to anger ultimately works against you, and can even hurt your case later. If you have questions about your Arizona divorce or legal separation, give your Phoenix divorce lawyers a call at 1-888-929-5292 today.
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