In a recent article about foster care in Arizona, we talked about the strict requirements involved for a person to even become a foster parent. As Scottsdale family law attorneys, we get a lot of questions and concerns about foster parents after a child has been removed from the home in Arizona. We'd like to explain a little more about how a foster parent's home is checked by the state to assure your child’s safety.

Arizona Foster Parent Home Inspection

The potential foster parent's home will be physically inspected for basic safety:

  • The home is clean and generally safe. 
  • There are smoke detectors in the bedrooms and an approved fire extinguisher available. 
  • Medications, toxic cleaning supplies, etc. are safely locked away and out of reach.
  • The home has accessible exits. 
  • Food is stored properly and handled safely. 
  • Any bodies of water, including pools, are fenced off.

Arizona Foster Parent "Home Study"

In addition to the safety inspection, potential foster parents must go through a "home study" that will take a closer look at the suitability of the social environment and people in the home. This process usually means a series of personal interviews and inspections, and it generally takes about 3 months.

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