During legal discovery, your Tempe criminal attorney is working to obtain as much information that is relevant to your case as possible. The lawyers on the other side are doing the same to build their case. Such work can take many steps, which could delay your trial.

If doctors or other professionals are needed as experts, their schedules sometimes dictate how fast a lawyer can get information or documents. For example, many doctors will only do depositions on a certain day or two each month. You may need to go in for additional medical or psychological evaluations as well.

Additionally, it can take a long time to find and then obtain records, documents, and witnesses to help build your case. In general, the Tempe discovery procedure usually takes six months or more.

It's easy to get frustrated when it seems to take so long to get to trial. Just remember that it is this process of discovery that often ends up making or breaking your case, and your Tempe criminal defense lawyer is behind the scenes working hard for you. What happens during this phase will have a big impact later on.

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