What Are the Types of Probation Supervision in Arizona?

Not all Arizona probation is the same. In fact, the Arizona system really attempts to tailor probation agreements to the needs of each offender and the type of crime the guilty party has been convicted of. Each probation agreement will set out certain guidelines you must follow and activities you must complete in order to be successful, but probation supervision in Arizona can be broken down into 3 general categories:

  1. Intensive Probation. Generally reserved for serious offenses, repeat offenders, and probation violators, intensive probation means that you will be very strictly monitored during your probation period. You may be reporting to your probation officer several times each day, and you may also receive frequent, unannounced visits from your probation officer to check in on you. You must take intensive probation in Arizona seriously. Any violation of the terms is extremely likely to land you in prison. 
  2. Supervised Probation. This is what most people think of when they think about probation, and it is probably the most common type. With supervised probation in Arizona, you will report to your probation officer on a set schedule as part of your probation agreement. You will also, of course, have to adhere to any other terms set forth in your probation agreement, which may include counseling, community service, fines, etc. 
  3. Unsupervised Probation. In unsupervised visitation, you will not need to report to a probation officer; although, you will need to be sure you are sticking to the terms of your probation agreement in order to avoid penalties for a probation violation in Arizona.

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