"I Violated Probation in Arizona. What Happens Now?"

If you have violated probation in Phoenix, even if you didn't know what you did was a violation, you could be facing very some serious penalties. Many people forget that probation is not total freedom. What may not seem like a "big deal" at the time can end up creating big problems for you down the road. Keep in mind that probation is very much like a jail sentence served outside of jail, and you MUST follow the conditions of your probation agreement if you want to avoid further punishment.

What Are the Penalties for Violating Probation in Tempe?

Probation in Arizona tends to be tailored to each individual offender's needs, so what happens after a probation violation is also usually dependent on your personal circumstances. Although Arizona probation is focused on keeping you from re-offending (especially in probation options such as the Drug Court Program), any violation of the terms of your probation are generally taken very seriously, even if the violation seems small to you. Although a probation officer may occasionally choose to give you a "second chance," you shouldn't count on it. It is likely that a probation violation in Arizona will get you:

  • Immediate jail time
  • Higher fines
  • Longer probation period
  • Additional community service hours

Additionally, if you are in a probation program that allows a felony to be reduced to a misdemeanor, any violation puts that option in jeopardy – meaning you could be stuck with a felony conviction on your record.

Who Can I Talk to after a Probation Violation?

A Tempe probation violation lawyer may be able to help you reduce the penalties after a probation violation in Arizona. Make sure your rights and your future are protected. Give us a call today at 1-888-929-5292 to schedule a completely free legal consultation, and speak with a friendly and experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer. We also offer our book, Arizona Criminal Law - What You Must Know, completely free to Arizona residents. Request your copy today and get informed.