What happens when a Phoenix relative adoption is contested?

Phoenix relative adoptions have their upsides and their downsides. On the one hand, relative adoptions in Arizona tend to be easier and go a little more smoothly. On the other hand, things only really go smoothly if everyone gives consent. When a Phoenix relative adoption is contested or a party refuses to give adoption consent in Arizona, the process can become a nightmare.

Birth Mother Consent
If the birth mother or legal guardian of the child does not give consent, then adoption generally cannot proceed. However, if the courts terminate parental rights, then the birth mother does not have to give consent. This may be the case if it can be proven that the mother abandoned, abused, or neglected the child or is otherwise unfit.

Other Consent
In some cases, the birth father or the child may also need to give consent for the adoption to proceed. However, the birth father is required to give consent only under certain circumstances, or if he has established paternity. Additionally, the birth father's parental rights can be terminated if he is deemed unfit or has abandoned the child.

If you are unable to get consent from the necessary parties, then the adoption cannot proceed. Once the consent is signed, however, it generally becomes irrevocable.

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