What Should I Do When I'm Served with Divorce Papers in Arizona?

Being served with divorce papers in Phoenix can be a confusing and stressful time. No matter what the circumstances leading to the divorce action were, these earliest steps in the process can be some of the most emotionally difficult. Unfortunately, you may be under time restraints or have other complications that can lead to you losing important rights in the divorce - seemingly before it's even started. Although it may be tempting to avoid dealing with it, it is very important that you:
  • Do not ignore it. As Phoenix family lawyers, we know that being served with divorce papers can be an emotionally charged time, and we know that many people don't even want to look at what has been received. However, if you want to protect your own rights, then it is of utmost importance that you review these documents and find out what you need to do. 
  • Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Phoenix family law attorney. If you've been served with divorce papers in Phoenix, give us a call today at 1-888-929-5292. We will not charge you for the initial consultation, but we can help answer your questions and explain your options. You're under no obligation to hire us when you attend this meeting. 
  • Check the deadline. You may have a very limited time to respond, so it is important to know how much time you have and what you need to do during that time. 
  • File a response. If you fail to file a response, then you may lose some important rights, and you may find that many issues involved in the divorce become much more complicated. Failing to file a response could even mean that your spouse will be awarded everything in the petition by default.

If you have any questions - big or small - about divorce in Arizona, speak with one of our friendly and experienced Arizona family law attorneys today at 1-888-929-5292. We are always happy to address your concerns and help you make the best decisions regarding divorce, legal separation, child custody, and other family legal issues. If you'd like more information about who we are and how we can help, request your completely free copy of our book, Arizona Family Law - How to Handle Tough Issues in Tough Times.