What You Need to Know about Parenting Classes during an Arizona Divorce

Since 1996, Arizona law has required parents going through a divorce to attend parent education classes if their child or children are under the age of 18 and not emancipated. Although these classes are sometimes waived by court order, it is very rare, and you should plan on needing to attend. Generally, the court will not grant any request in your Arizona child custody case until you have attended.

Why Do I Have to Attend Parent Education Classes in Arizona?

The parenting class will be required of parents going through Scottsdale divorce, child custody, parenting time, paternity, or separation proceedings. It addresses issues that arise during these kinds of cases and how they can impact your kids. The class also offers tips on dealing with the stress of restructuring a family and recognizing the signs of serious problems in your children.

The idea behind the class is that divorce and separation can be rough on a family, and it can be especially rough on kids whose parents are going through a high-conflict divorce in Arizona. Many studies have shown that parents who attend parent education classes during their divorce are better with working together during the process and are less likely to need to return to court to work out issues related to child custody and parenting time.

How Long Will the Parent Education Class Take?

In general, the class will take a total of 4 to 6 hours, with a minimum length of 2 hours. It will usually be ordered early on in the divorce, and most parents find they are able to schedule a class for evenings or weekends so as not to interfere with work. If you are concerned about taking the class with the other parent, you can arrange to take separate classes. In fact, in most Arizona counties, both parents can only attend the same class together if they get specific approval from the court.

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