Why do people get divorced in Arizona?

People get divorced for a lot of reasons. If you're going through the process yourself, you may be wondering what went wrong. In most Scottsdale divorce cases, couples cite multiple reasons for ending their marriages, but these reasons can be boiled down to a few common themes.

Here are some of the top reasons for a Scottsdale divorce:
  • Communication: People change over time, so it can be difficult to keep the lines of communication open with your spouse. You may find that you talk quite a bit about the kids, the budget, or what to have for dinner, but you've lost touch with each other as individuals.
  • Money: As economic times get hard, it can put a big strain on your relationship. As Scottsdale divorce lawyers, we've heard this more and more lately. The stress and the struggle to make ends meet drive a lot of couples apart.
  • Infidelity: A cheating spouse leads to about 1/3 of all divorces in the US. Although it may be the result of the breakdown of the marriage rather than the cause, infidelity is the final straw for many troubled couples.
  • Abuse: It's unfortunate, but many Scottsdale divorces are the result of domestic abuse, whether physical or emotional. If your spouse is abusing you or your kids, you need to seek help immediately. Once you are safe, contact a Scottsdale family law attorney to learn about your rights.
  • Addiction: Whether it is gambling, drugs, or alcohol, a spouse with an addiction can be grounds for an Arizona divorce. As your spouse's addiction gets stronger, your family's needs slip further down his or her list of priorities.

No matter reasoning, you'll find compassion and understanding with our friendly Scottsdale divorce lawyers. We understand that divorce sometimes brings more questions than answers, so we invite you to meet with a Scottsdale family law attorney  as soon as possible. Schedule a completely free consultation today by calling 1-888-929-5292. You're under no obligation, and we think you'll be relieved to start getting clear, practical answers about your Arizona divorce.

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