When Can the Police Search My Car for Drugs in Arizona? A Phoenix Drug Possession Attorney Explains

It is not unusual to see felony drug charges in Phoenix after a car search. However, police are limited by the law as far as when they are allowed to search your car for drugs. As a Phoenix drug possession attorney, here is a little information I’d like to share with you about car searches.

When Can the Police Search My Car for Drugs?

Law enforcement officers do not have to have a warrant to search your car in most cases. However, your Fourth Amendment rights still protect you from unreasonable search and seizure even when you are in a vehicle. This means that, by federal law, police must have probable cause before they can search your car for drugs. 

For example, if you are pulled over for running a red light, police cannot search your car for drugs unless there is some other sign that drugs or other crimes are involved. A probable cause in this case might be the smell of marijuana in your car or drug paraphernalia in plain sight when you are pulled over. 

If the police do search your car, be aware that your and your passengers’ belongings may be included in the search. This would include searching purses, backpacks, etc. Keep in mind that, even if you refused a search, the contents of your car will be routinely inventoried by the police if the car is towed after your arrest. 

Your rights when police search your car

Police Searched My Car in Phoenix. What Happens Now?

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