I’m not sure how to approach my ex-husband about parenting our kids. How do people manage to co-parent after a divorce in Phoenix?

Figuring out how to co-parent with your ex-spouse is one of the most challenging parts of life after the divorce. And what works for some parents may not work for you. One of the best ways to start thinking about co-parenting is to first consider the type of relationship you maintain with your ex-husband. Would you say that your relationship is:

  • Friendly?
  • Tense?
  • Hostile?
  • Neutral?
  • Non-existent?
  • Something in between?

Once you’ve figured out what kind of parenting relationship you can reasonably expect to have with your ex-husband, speak with your ex and/or your Phoenix divorce lawyer to set down guidelines accordingly. For example, if you have a hostile relationship with your ex-husband, you may want to create a structured parenting plan that you both can agree on through your lawyer. If you have a fairly friendly relationship, you may be able to leave the details flexible and negotiate in person when concerns come up.

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