If I have to serve jail time, will I be able to get out of jail to go to work?

If a person is convicted of a misdemeanor that requires a person to serve jail time as opposed to prison time, Arizona law allows the court to order "work release" for up to 5 days per week.  If the conviction is for DUI, the person must serve 24 hours before starting work release.  If the conviction is for Extreme or Super- Extreme DUI, then 48 hours must be served before starting work release.  Many courts, but not all, offer a "home arrest" program for people who are sentenced to serve more than 15 days in jail.  The judge usually decides whether to grant the option of home arrest.  Typically, the first 15 days must be served in jail (with work release available) before the person starts on the home arrest program.  If a felony conviction results in a prison sentence, the person will not be released during the incarceration.