Early Morning Drug Raid in Chandler Leads to Arrests

Posted on Jun 01, 2012

A recent drug raid near Ray Road and McQueen Road in Chandler has led to the arrest of two Chandler residents. This raid took place in relation to a long-term and ongoing investigation, which has involved many different agencies, including the DEA and Chandler Police Department. No names have yet been released in the case. 

Officers in the case forcefully entered a home while the residents were asleep on the morning of May 11th. Authorities say they found multiple weapons in the home, including automatic weapons and a projectile launcher. Authorities also found and seized over 100 pounds of marijuana in the home. Two people were arrested as a result of the raid. 

Officials had previously received a court order for a no-knock warrant in the investigation. The no-knock warrant was felt to be necessary because authorities felt there was a high risk of violence. 

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