Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Discrimination Regarding Air Traffic Controller Applicants

Posted on Jun 20, 2018


Since 1995, the Federal Aviation Administration hired air traffic controllers who graduated from accredited degree programs and passed its computer-based peer reviewed aptitude examination with flying colors.  The FAA created the program to ensure that applicants had the necessary training and skills to succeed. As the air traffic controller’s union (NATCA) President stated in 2007:

“The FAA’s massive recruiting effort, despite its cheerful talking points and rosy public statements, has angered students who were told to go through the CTI program to get hired at a cost of thousands of dollars,” National Air Traffic Controllers Association President Patrick Forrey said. “Our fear is that those great schools will lose their students if they can get hired by simply applying online or at a local job fair. This is a serious problem because CTI students come to the agency armed with the experience needed to comfortably fit into the incredibly demanding on-the-job training program at their first air traffic control facility, greatly increasing their chances of successfully becoming a fully certified controller.

In 2014, the FAA abandoned the CTI program and “purged” a list of thousands of qualified individuals, including military veterans and Collegiate Training Institute School graduates, that were screened and ready for hire to increase the racial diversity of air traffic controllers.

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This case is currently being litigated in the DC District Court.