Two Plead Guilty in Phoenix Cocaine Trafficking Case

Posted on Jun 02, 2012

Regino Serrano-Cosio and Felix Angulo-Parra pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to distribute at a US District Court in Phoenix in early May this year. Angulo-Parra owned K&A Transportation, and Serrano-Cosio was a truck driver with the company. The pair has been accused in this case of using the trucking company to transport drugs. 

The DEA and police officers from several departments were involved in the investigation that led to the arrest. According to officials in the case, Serrano-Cosio was found by police on September 28th while attempting to hide bags of cocaine in a speaker cover in his truck. Angulo-Parra was also present at the time. The pair allegedly planned to transport the cocaine from Arizona to Pennsylvania. 

In all, officials say they found about 46 pounds of cocaine in the arrest, which was worth a total of about $483,000. Both men could face life in prison and millions of dollars in fines. Serrano-Cosio will be sentenced on August 6th this year, and Angulo-Parra will be sentenced on July 23rd

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